Posted on: June 1, 2016

Parkway Landscape Modification

The City of San Marino understands that residents are looking at ways to reduce water usage on their property. One way that can achieve this is to remove existing turf or other high water usage plants located in the City parkway and replace them with drought tolerant landscaping and water efficient irrigation systems. Visit the Planning and Building Department if interested for more details.

General Requirements:

• Maximum allowable height of plants or other landscape features is 24”
• Parkway must be covered with plant material or vegetative growth, or a combination of
these items
• Landscape boulders must be softened by landscape plants
• Measures must be incorporated to eliminate potential run-off
• The usage of decomposed granite is allowed- Manufacturers fact sheet verifying material
is pervious must be submitted with the application
• Not more than forty five percent (45%) of the front yard, including parkway, of a lot in the
R-1 zones shall be covered with an impervious surface.
• Impervious surfaces are limited to walkways, or an 18” wide landing adjacent to the street

The following checked items shall be required as part of your specific application:

* Photo-Provide a photo of the existing parkway
* Plot Plan- Provide two copies of a detailed plot plan or site plan of the property showing
the proposed changes to the parkway. Include the parkway dimensions, size and species
of all existing trees in the parkway, any existing and/or proposed impervious surfacing
(walkways, pavers, or other flatwork)
* Irrigation Plan-Provide information on meeting the requirement of landscape irrigation
systems that exclusively use very low flow drip type irrigation systems when no emitter
produces more than two (2) gallons of water per hour and weather based controllers or
stream rotor sprinklers that meet a seventy percent (70%) efficiency standard.

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